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Based here in Aotearoa New Zealand, NZMII is a team of Kiwis who are always here to protect and champion the wellbeing of our country’s Healthcare Professionals.

Our vision is to be the most trusted provider of indemnity protection for healthcare professionals in Aotearoa New Zealand, giving you the confidence to practice at your best.

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We’re here to have your back so you can practice at your best.

NZMII first started at the request of the New Zealand Resident Doctors Association to provide medical malpractice and liability cover to its members from a New Zealand owned and operated company.. 

On 9 December 1999, we were incorporated to underwrite professional indemnity insurance for New Zealand medical and health workers.

Now, with 25 years under our belt, working alongside healthcare professionals across the country, we understand the demands of healthcare in Aotearoa New Zealand better than ever. We see it. We get it. 

That’s why we’re on a new mission. One that goes beyond offering world-class indemnity insurance. We’re stepping up to actively protect your wellbeing – so when you’re looking after your patients, we’re looking out for you.

We’re here to be more than your insurer. We’re your partner. By combining stability and expertise with trusted tools designed to put your wellbeing first, you get care as well as protection. And we make getting sorted quick and easy with a local team who understand your needs and are always ready to chat. With NZMII, we believe that having your back means that you have the confidence to practice at your best.

NZMII statistics:

  • Currently insures over 4,000 Kiwi health practitioners.
  • Has assisted health practitioners in over 4,500 claims.
  • Has paid over $4.2 million on assisting health practitioners resolve claims.

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