RMO Insurance

We understand the unique challenges Resident Doctors face in NZ. That's why our tailored policy provides comprehensive coverage, looking out for you every step of the way.

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Resident Doctors’ Indemnity Insurance

Resident Doctors (or RMOs) have long complained that where malpractice issues arise involving RMOs and Senior Doctors, the potential for a serious conflict of interest exists.

In addition RMOs have been concerned about malpractice suits and disciplinary proceedings not being defended or being settled at the expense of the individual’s reputation.

NZMII in conjunction with Professional Broker Services and NZRDA have developed a binding Professional Liability Insurance programme specifically for RMOs which ensures independent representation. The programme provides a comprehensive service enabling RMOs to have more control over events affecting their medical careers.

What are you covered for?

You are covered for medical malpractice and disciplinary proceedings meeting all costs and liabilities as of right up to $2 million. You are also covered where you are undertaking any medical duties or functions including working in "Accident & Emergency Clinics" or providing locum cover.

You are covered for penalties and costs awarded against an individual and legal costs and expenses incurred in the investigation and defense of any action or enquiry brought against you.

You are also covered for actions brought against you when you are no longer an RMO provided these related to medical duties or functions performed by you whilst an RMO.

Costs and out of pocket expenses up to $20,000 which you incur in attending any enquiry, court case or the like brought against you are also included.

Further, a payment of $100.00 per day made to cover payment for lost earnings where you are required to attend any enquiry, court case or the like is included.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Reference should be made to the policy wording held by the NZMII. As with any insurance cover, the above statements are subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the relevant policy.