We’re here to empower you to perform at your best, that’s why we’re stepping up to actively protect your wellbeing – so when you’re looking after your patients, we’re looking out for you. By combining stability and expertise with trusted tools designed to put your wellbeing first, you get care as well as protection.

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Tailored support with Clearhead

We’ve partnered with Clearhead to offer easy and direct access to mental health support. Designed on the understanding that one-size does not fit all, Clearhead puts choice, convenience and control in your hands.

Clearhead makes it easy for you to confidentially get the mental health and wellbeing support that you need. Perhaps you’re needing to reduce stress, handle anxiety, sleep better, support loved ones, or you just want to add an extra skill into your wellbeing toolkit. Clearhead is full of interactive self-help tools, such as a digital wellbeing assistant you can chat to, a mood journal, a library of resources, and a deep breathing tool designed to support you through difficult times.

You get to choose your own registered psychologist, counsellor or psychotherapist at no out of pocket expense up to the policy limit of $1000.00 while you have current cover with NZMII.

Please note, this offer does not include professional supervision, coaching, wellness sessions or art therapy.


What our partnership with Clearhead offers:

  • A personal guide to coping techniques inline with the latest developments in mental health and behavioural science.
  • Access to a premium self-help library with expansive mental health and wellbeing resources.
  • In-person, online & confidential therapy from 350+ therapists and counsellors across NZ.
  • Immediate support through a free 24/7 crisis helpline.

How to guides

Who can access Clearhead:

If you hold either a RMO or SMO policy with NZMII you have free access to the Clearhead app and services. 

To access the Clearhead services please either download the Clearhead app on Google Play or the App Store or visit nzmii.myclearhead.com to set up an account and login using your unique NZMII membership number.

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